On 31 August 2015 an official opening of our company kindergarten  in Ostrów Mazowiecka took place.

The company kindergarten with a nursery division was launched in order to assist our employees. The purpose of the facility is to support young parents, enable their return to work without additional stress and facilitate the right relationship between professional and private life.

Designed in modern style building of the kindergarten not only complies with the highest standards of safety, but it also distinguishes itself with unique architecture. There are two large playgrounds located within the grounds of the facility as well as a patio where children may spend their free time on fresh air. The interior is quite impressive-the rooms are aesthetic, spacious and newly equipped.

The kindergarten functions within a bilingual system, Polish-English, based on author’s  teaching programme. This programme uses the method of immersion and encompasses placing children within an English-speaking environment for half of the time which they spend in the kindergarten. Since we care about a comprehensive development of your child, considering at the same time its individuality, the facility ensures a rich programme of didactic classes. We place significant impact also on the healthy diet of the children which supports their immune powers.

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