On 17 March 2015, during the Business Evening organized by Publishing House Publikator, monthly magazine Meble Plus and portal Biznesmeblowy.pl – FABRYKI MEBLI „FORTE" S.A. have received the first prize in the Product of the year 2015 competition for their furniture collection called “Kashmir”.

„Kashmir” collection refers to the Provencal stylistics, which amazingly fits into the design of classic interior. The first glance is enough to notice characteristic cross muntins that have been used on the glazed surfaces of showcases, as well as on the panels of the fronts. Thickened tie beams and solid plinths based on the distinct legs add elegance and clarity to the individual furniture. Undeniable advantage and distinguishing feature of this collection is the used decor – White Stone Pine, which is strikingly reminiscent of the old ragged wood. The solids are supplemented by the metal handles in a colour of patinated silver. Form of the system’s individual furniture allows to use them as stand-alone elements of the design, as well as to create interesting compositions full of timeless charm.

The system consists of 15 elements (including: hanging shelf, dresser, dresser with minibar, showcases, closet, coffee table, convertible table and lighting). Furniture is available in White Stone Pine colour.  This collection is designed for the living room and the dining room.


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