Innovative FORTE project during the fairs in Ostróda

During this year's Furniture Fairs in Ostróda  a première of our latest novel project-virtual presentation of furniture in 3D technology. The company's stand was arranged so as to let everyone sit comfortably in front of the TV with a cap of delicious coffee and find out more about the latest FORTE hits. Thanks to the 3D glasses and the special application it has become possible to walk around a room, see its full arrangement, get a close look at the furniture but also see what's inside them by opening shelves and drawers. The visitors of our stand were quite surprised  and at the same time very interested in this presentation- so far, none of the companies  from the furniture industry came up with such a solution.

The latest collections were presented not only within the 3D application but also within the traditional fairs' arrangements.

DANY collection is one of the new ideas of FORTE for the living room and dining room, presented during this year's  MTM fairs in Ostróda 2015, What is worth noticing is the range of colours of the collection-the outside shapes have been decorated with white decor Ice Oak, while the inside surfaces are covered in Oak Plank decor. The new decor of the interior within the shade of natural wood with strongly marked structure of wood grains and clearly visible knots perfectly fits into the current fashion trends in furniture business. Natural colours highlight the beauty of simple furniture forms. The only ornaments are wide side strips  highlighting the massiveness of structures and segment fronts. Lighting which may be mounted inside the glass shelves of showcases is also available within the set. Thanks to its universal form the furniture will suit perfectly both  modern and classic room styles.

Minimalist style of CLAIR bedroom delighted the visitors of FORTE stand. A simple form, natural shades and functionality-these are the three key features of this collection. Grey fronts of chests of drawers are incorporated within an oak body  frame which ideally matches the form of headboard.  The upholstered head restraint made of grey eco-leather is a practical and aesthetic solution.


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