II General National Exhibition-COMPETITIVE POLAND

Between 2nd and 15th of June 2014, FABRYKI MEBLI "FORTE" S.A. participated in the 2nd General National Exhibition  under the name "Competitive Poland . The exhibition commenced with the "President Gala" organized on the 2nd June in the Earth Hall in the premises of the International Poznań Fairs.

In the presence of the President of Poland B. Komorowski, the invited guests and the representatives of exhibitors an annual announcement of the Economic Award of the President of RP in five categories took place. On that day, an official awarding ceremony of medals of PWK also  took place, which were particularly outstanding, honouring the invited exhibitors. On behalf of FABRYKI MEBLI "FORTE" S.A. the medal was received by the Member of its Management Board-Mr Klaus D. Dahlem. In the subsequent part Mr President was invited to visit the PWK exhibition located in several premises of the International Poznań Fairs.

Upon the invitation to visit the stand of FABRYKI MEBLI "FORTE" S.A. President Bronisław Komorowski was welcomed by the Chairman of the Management Board Maciej Formanowicz, who performed the function of a host and showed the honourable guest around introducing him to the history and today's position of the Company.The exposition of "FORTE" was arranged so that the most important aspects related to the establishing, growth and activity of the Company were underlined. The presented history of the company shows that since 1992 the knowledge, experience and determination in acting allowed for a dynamic expansion of FORTE to reach today's position.Modernization of facilities, constantly increased production capacity, investments in modern technologies and improving the processes related to the company activities are some of the basic components of its success which the visitors of our exposure could find out. The second key element of the presentation of FORTE was portraying the focus the company places on people who shape it as well as the local community. Investments in personnel, stability of benefits, support of local initiatives and activity of AMF "Nasza Droga" Foundation are just a few of examples of the above mentioned activity.

The third element of hte presentation involved co-existance and support of generations creating the Company.The example of the family of Formanowicz is a proof on how joint work supported by knowledge and experience and innovative approach to different matters may link generations which strive for the common goal.It is worth noting at this point of a pleasent  celebration which took place on the 2nd June in the premises of the Poznań City Hall where the President B. Komorowski honoured Mr Mieczyslaw Formanowicz with Officer's Cross as a token of respect for significant achievements in building free, democratic Poland.

Mr Mieczysław Formanowicz is a graduate of the Faculty of Forestry of the Poznań University. Many-years pupil and colleague of professor Tadeusz Perkitny, founder of Polish School of wood technology.From 1949 he sacrificed his entire professional activity to furniture industry.Until retirement, which he commenced in 1981, he was the employee of United Furniture Industry, where  as a Head of Development Department he developed and modernized many Polish furniture factories.He implemented modern technologies and devices.He organized trainings for many generations of employees in the furniture industry.He is the author of over 40 publications in the scope of furniture branch.Knowledge and experience of doyen of the family became an inspiration and a driving force for the creator and a founder of FORTE, Maciej Formanowicz. As a graduate of the Department of Wood Technology of Academy of Economics in Poznań he commenced his professional career in 1972.Work in the subsequent companies in the industry and passing through further steps of management  resulted in 1992 in creating his own furniture business-FABRYKI MEBLI "FORTE" S.A.

Subsequent years of intense work and development led to introducing FORTE to the group of country and European leaders of the furniture industry.The upcoming years  signify dynamic changes on the market and a fast technology development, which FORTE has to face.In such market circumstances yet another generation of Formanowicz family will take over the steering wheel of the business. Mrs Maria Florczyk, as it is her that we speak of here, has worked in the Company  since 2005.As a graduate of Higher School of Economics introduced the company to new areas of activity (among others building supply chain with Asia).Since 2010 as Purchasing Director she elaborated and has been consequently implementing new purchasing strategies in the Company.In the current year she was appointed for the position of Member of Management of FORTE

Within the subsequent days the exhibition  by the company stand of the company FORTE was visited by various groups who in warm wards expressed their positive impressions about  the exposition itself and about the offer presented within the FORTE catalogue.

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