In recent years, Polish consumers have faced profound changes in lifestyle and consumer habits. In today's world, choosing the right product or service from a wide and ever-growing offer becomes more and more difficult. To meet the needs of a modern consumer, the “Good Brand: Quality, Trust, Reputation” programme was created to help choose the best, most trustworthy and reputable brands in various industries.

For the sixth time editors team of Forum Biznesu and Biznes Trendy conducted a research with the aim of determining the value, activity and recognition of various brands in different categories. The subject of the analysis covered, among others: market position of the brand and its strength, quality of a given product or service and the level of consumer confidence.

The aim of the whole project was to select the best companies and brands on Polish market. Receiving the “Good Brand: Quality, Trust, Reputation” award is an excellent way of highlighting the brand status that not only shows it is the leader in its industry but also confirms the highest quality of its products or services and shows consumer confidence, as well as the brand’s reputation. It is customers and their opinions that determine the activities of all companies, which is why distinctions based on consumer research are particularly important to us. The “Good Brand: Quality, Trust, Reputation” award provides the consumer with key information –that all the desired features are to be found in our products and services.

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