On November 3-4, the 1st Borderland Business Forum devoted to the wood and furniture industry was held in Suwałki and attracted participation of entrepreneurs, local government officials, experts and government representatives. One of the essential items of the agenda was FORTE’s presentation on our scheduled investment in Suwałki.

Maciej Formanowicz, President of the Management Board of FABRYKI MEBLI “FORTE” S.A., talked about the new undertaking. He presented the project’s execution plan starting from the warehouse construction already under way to building the fifth furniture production plant with the department of chipboard production. He talked about benefits gained by the region where such a considerable investment is carried out, which in addition to the employment increase, also include development of local services, improvement of infrastructure and transportation as well as development of vocational schools.

At the Forum a number of debates and discussions were held. The most pressing issues of the wood and furniture industry in Suwałki were discussed and since it is the leading industry in the region, Suwałki’s authorities would like to reinforce it. Maciej Formanowicz, President of the Management Board, was invited to participate in the main discussion panel opening the Forum and entitled “Perspectives of the Polish Economy Development for the Upcoming Year”. Dagmara Sobolewska, Director of the Human Resources Management Department at FORTE participated in the panel entitled “Trends in Vocational Training Development in Suwałki”. Participants of the Forum could talk to representatives of the Management Board and directors of FORTE at the specially prepared company stand of FORTE.

Despite the fact that FORTE just started to carry out its investment, the investment was already recognized by “Gazeta Współczesna”. Jacek Romanowski, Head of the Białystok’s branch of Polska Press, publisher of “Gazeta Współczesna”, handed the “Superinitiative” award to Maciej Formanowicz, President of the Management Board of Fabryki Mebli FORTE S.A. We appreciate initiatives which contribute to the development of the region – Jacek Romanowski said about the commenced undertaking of FORTE. Our President received a statue and a teddy bear – the symbol of the award.

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