As is the case every year, at the beginning of June we met with our business partners during the FORTE HOME FAIR 2018 in Ostrów Mazowiecka.

The showroom where the fair was held was visited by owners and sellers from furniture stores in Poland as well as in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain.

We presented 20 new furniture programmes, of which more than half were furniture models that were shown for the first time during the Partner Days fair held in Germany, Bad Salzuflen, this spring. As the differences between the tastes of our customers become more and more blurred, the number of furniture collections which are successfully sold throughout Europe is growing. Designs which are particularly popular in Poland now attract the same interest in our export markets, and conversely - furniture designed for other markets perfectly meets the tastes of our Polish customers.

FORTE's new range of furniture offers an overview of a variety of styles and colours - from shimmering white to decors with a distinctive raw wood grain and visible annual growth rings. Not only did the fair offer the opportunity to present our new products, but it was also a unique chance to talk directly about cooperation and the company’s development plans and strategy. Furthermore, in a specially prepared photo exhibition, the visitors could see what the new chipboard factory of the FORTE Group, which was launched in April this year, looks like.

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