FORTE furniture in India

On January 18, 2017 FABRYKI MEBLI “FORTE” S.A. entered into a joint venture agreement on the production and sales of furniture on the Indian market with an Indian company named Indian Furniture Products Limited (IFPL) of the ADVENTZ Capital Group.

As a result of the agreement a legal entity under the firm of FORTE FURNITURE PRODUCTS INDIA (FFPI) was established, the primary business activity of which is supposed to be the manufacture and sales of furniture. FFPI’s operation will be based on the existing manufacturing plant and the sales network in India, both of which to date have been owned by IFPL, and FORTE will throw the know-how, designs, product development and production technology into the mix.

Entering into this agreement is part of the execution of FORTE’s strategic goals which assume expansion to further markets, including the non-European ones. The launch of the business operation of FFPI is scheduled for April 2017. Mutual cooperation and dynamic development of the newly created entity will allow us to gain a significant position on the dynamically growing Indian market in sales of flat pack furniture.

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