On the 20th of October of the current year laureates of the awards „Marka Polskiej Gospodarki”(Polish Economy Brand), „Orły Eksportu”(Eagles of Export) and „Dobra Firma” (Good Company) were announced at the official gala held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy.

Distinctions granted by „Rzeczpospolita” daily as well as by the Ministry of Economy were handed over to the innovative and dynamically developing companies and the leaders of Polish export. Among the awarded companies one could not miss some representatives of the furniture business, including also those from Fabryki Mebli  „FORTE” S.A.

FORTE was among the companies which received the title of „Marka Polskiej Gospodarki” ”(Polish Economy Brand). This award is granted to the best exporters  who pride themselves with the fastest growth of export size throughout the period of recent years. FORTE furniture is represented within the territory of entire Europe, almost in all significant trading networks and in  a number of key furniture stores. Export within FORTE constitutes 82% of production and the company is also in possession of its own distribution networks in the most important foreign markets.

FORTE found itself within a short-listed group of export leaders with the most dynamic increase in sales  which was appreciated through an award of „Orzeł Eksportu”( Eagle of Export) and within the group of leading Polish companies for which it was awarded the prize of „Dobra Firma” (Good Company).

Source of photographs: Ministerstwo Gospodarki


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