FORTE – III place in the ranking of „100 Biggest Polish Exporters” WPROST magazine

On 16 June of the current year the results of ranking of „200 Biggest Polish Companies” according to WPROST magazine were announced in Sala Notowań of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The awards were granted in several categories: „Polish Ambasadors”, „Polish Cheetahs”, „200 Biggest Polish Companies” and „Most Valuable Polish Brands”.

Out of the 200 biggest companies with Polish capital the magazine selected 100 biggest exporters. Fabryki Mebli „FORTE” S.A. received an honourable 3rd place on the list of 100 biggest Polish exporters in the category „ Polish Ambassadors”. The award was received on account of the dynamic export and participation of export within overall company sales.

Within the ranking of fastest developing enterprises, „Polish Cheetahs” (fastest developing companies), FORTE obtained the 4th place. The order of awards was established on the basis of the analysis of revenues and the growth dynamics of companies covered within the ranking of 200 biggest companies as well as the rate on return of capital, net profit margin and level of investment expenditure.

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