We are happy to pleased that the bedroom furniture collection named BELLEVUE received the prestigious „ŻAGIEL ROZWOJU” (Sail of Progress) prize. The statuettes were presented on September 9 of this year during 42nd edition of the International Furniture Fair in Ostroda.

The products entered into competition were assessed by specially appointed jury of experts chaired by Tomasz Wójcik, who is the head of Furniture Design Department at the Interior Design Faculty of Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

The essence of the competition was to distinguish companies, which through innovative design and technological approach have defined innovative direction in the furniture industry, and at the same time, it also constitutes the impulse for its further development. Moreover, the product’s assessment was also affected by its cost-effectiveness, operational advantages, impact on the environment (biodegradability, recycling, regeneration methods), functionality and general aesthetics.

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