19.03.2018 Current report no. 5/2018 - Confidential information – becoming aware of the occupancy permit issue for the particle board factory
07.02.2018 Current report no. 1/2018 AMENDMENT - Amendment to the Current Report No. 1/2018 concerning publication dates of periodic reports in 2018
05.02.2018 Current report no. 4/2018 - Confidential information – entering into contract with Pfleiderer Polska Sp. z o.o.
02.02.2018 Current report no. 3/2018 - Confidential Information
31.01.2018 Current report no. 2/2018 - Confidential Information – Preliminary Financial Performance of the Issuer in Q4 2017
31.01.2018 Current report no. 1/2018 - Publication dates for periodic reports in 2018
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