Values which FORTE has always followed accompany us at all times, referring to mutual relations inside the company and its impact on the closer and further environment. We are a strong business organization which bases its activity on universal values, such as: cooperation, responsibility, development and sensitivity. Values which are followed by FORTE accompany us constantly and refer to mutual relations inside the company as well as its impact on the closer and further environment.



Each of us is different... We forget in our hetic busy lives and the abundance of things to do, that which make us different, distinctiveness is necessary. It let us notice the need for change, driving us, allowing us to exchange views and cooperate. Only through the exchange of experiences, contrasting views, ideas and attitudes, are we able to come up with solution which may change out home, our life, our world.


The World that surround us, needs our attention, to imagine on how to how to make it better, allowing that distant and abstract world to become closer and more meaningful. Responsibility is not just a number of accepted commitments; it is indeed attemp to improve the wuality of life. Therefore let us listen, to the needs od our employees. clients, business partners and local comunities and on that basic let us cintribute to the direction of company growth.


It can be expressed in number of sold products, height od achieved revenue or size of investment. This however, is not the only thing, that stands behind our growth. A friendly working enviroment, opportunites for personal and professional development of personnel are just a crucial as new technologies and products. The company is formed by people - thanks to their talents, knowledge and competencies, a constant growth of the company is possible.


So much is happening around us. Sensitivity allow us to stop and perceive it all, open up the needs of other and appreciate what seems to be invisible at first glance. We drow our strenght from it and it help us to be engaged in what is important and realise unique projects.

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