Maciej Formanowicz

Maciej Formanowicz is the founder of FABRYKI MEBLI „FORTE” S.A. Since 1993 Mr. Formanowicz held the function of President of the Management Board. Previously, from April 1993, he was the President of the Management Board in FORTE Sp. z o.o., which subsequently turned into Fabryki Mebli FORTE Sp. z o. o. and FABRYKI MEBLI “FORTE” S.A. Mr. Formanowicz started his professional career in 1972 by occupying the positions of technologist, manager of the Development and Investment Department, laboratory manager and department manager at the Furniture and Interior Decoration Plant in Wyszków. From 1978 to 1981, he was the Technical Director of FORMAT Sp. z o.o., and in 1981-1987 the Director General of HASTE Sp z. o.o. with its seat in Oborniki Śląskie. In 1987 Maciej Formanowicz moved on to become a Deputy Director at MAKRO Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Wrocław, and in 1991 was appointed the Director of MF Corporation. Mr. Formanowicz held the position of Chairman of the Polish Association of Furniture producers from 1996 until 2009. Maciej Formanowicz was born in 1949, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Wood Technology at the Poznań University of Life Sciences.

Klaus Dieter Dahlem

Since January 2010, Klaus Dieter Dahlem has been a member of the Management Board of FABRYKI MEBLI “FORTE” S.A. Within the scope of his responsibility, he oversees the product implementation process, from research and development to the technological cycle. He also supervises the course of investment in the company. From 1988 to 1995 he worked at WELLE MEUBLES S.A. in Boulay (France) as the Production Director responsible for production of cabinet furniture. From January 1996 to December 2005 he was employed at WELLE MEUBLES S.A. as a Member of the Management Board for technical issues. In 2006 - 2008 he occupied the position of a Member of the Management Board of Nolte - Möbel GmbH&Co. KG with the seat in Germersheim. In 2008-2009 he was a Director for technical issues in EPI (Alsapan – Gruppe), being responsible for 5 production factories in France. Klaus Dieter Dahlem was born in 1962, he is certified engineer and wood technologist.

Andreas Disch

Member of the Management Board / Sales and Marketing
Andreas Disch has been a member of the Management Board of FABRYKI MEBLI „FORTE” S.A. since May 2018, responsible for the development of the sales network in the whole FORTE Group. He is an internationally experienced specialist in the field of sales and marketing of consumer goods. Andreas Disch has extensive sales experience in the cosmetics, power tools and garden industry. He held, among others, the positions of International Sales Director at a power tool manufacturer FEIN based in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany), Regional Director for Western and Southern Europe at the COMPO Group based in Münster as well as Regional Director for Western and Southern Europe at GARDENA/Husqvarna. Andreas Disch was born in 1967. He is a certified salesperson, a graduate of the University of Saarbrücken and the EMLYON Business School. He studied Business Administration majoring in International Management, Marketing and Sales.

Maria Małgorzata Florczuk

Member of the Management Board / Supply Chain, IT, HR
She started working at Forte in 2005 from building a supply chain in Asia, and in subsequent years she was responsible for purchasing direct production materials. Since 2010, Maria Florczuk was director of the Purchasing Department, responsible for developing and implementing the FORTE purchasing strategy, managing the central purchasing policy and optimizing the supply chain of raw materials. Since 2013, she was also responsible for the investments of the FORTE Group. Since May 2014, she has been member of the Management Board of FABRYKI MEBLI "FORTE" S.A., responsible for the supply chain, strategic projects and personnel development policy. Maria Florczuk was born in 1981. She is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Management and Marketing. She also completed post-graduate studies for purchasing managers at the Warsaw School of Economics and a management program at the IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Mariusz Jacek Gazda

Member of the Management Board / CFO, Controlling

Since March 2014, he has been a member of the Management Board of FABRYKI MEBLI “FORTE” S.A. As part of the financial division, he is responsible for supervising the work of the Financial Department, Controlling, Internal Audit and the Legal Office. In the years 1992-95, he cooperated with PULSAR, and from 1995 to 2001, he worked at Altadis S.A. In the years 2001-2006, he was the financial controller at Tchibo Warszawa Sp. z o.o., responsible, inter alia, for the budgeting process management, reporting, financial evaluation of projects and oversight of the development of IT and accounting systems. In the years 2006-2007, he was the partner at the consulting firm, FinAid – Doradztwo Finansowe. From February 2007 to July 2009, he was the finance and administrative director at OKFENS Sp. z o.o. Since July 2009 he was the finance director and Member of the Management Board at SELENA S.A., where he was responsible for all accounting, controlling and treasury matters. Additionally, he was the finance director of the production plant Tytan Eos (entity from the SELENA Group) and the Member of the Management Board – finance director at Izolacja Matizol (entity from the SELENA Group). Mariusz Jacek Gazda was born in 1968, graduated from the University of Technology in Radom, Faculty of Economy. In 2004, he obtained the ACCA certificate. Mariusz Gazda is a member of the Internationaler Controller Verein (ICV); he has been active in finance and controlling training.

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