As one of the biggest European manufacturers of the furniture for self-assembly, we perceive the environmental protection both in the global and local scale. We run our business activity with care and respect for the natural environment, treating ecological arguments equally with social and economic arguments. We strive to promote environmentally-friendly attitudes and we engage in projects aimed at environmental protection.    


We systematically strive to achieve product quality that is higher than the required standards.

  • We optimize manufacturing and packing processes in order to prevent the generation of waste and to reduce the amount of used materials.
  • We develop energy-saving technologies in order to optimize the manufacturing processes, while reducing energy consumption at the same time.
  • We make sure that raw materials acquired by us meet the highest standards and have appropriate certificates that enable sustainable production.


We constantly monitor our impact on the environment in the areas of manufacturing activity, in order to protect biodiversity and to take care of the nature.

  • We apply priority for environmentally-friendly technological solutions in the field of manufacturing and investment activity.
  • We control the legality of acquisition of wood and wood products which are imported from non-EU markets.
  • We segregate waste and pass it only to responsible recipients who use the processes of recovery and recycling.
  • We care about ecological solutions in the workplace through minimizing the use of paper in the processes of planning and management (two-sided printing, electronic document circulation), utilization of toners and segregation of waste.
  • We actively develop an open dialogue with the customers, suppliers, government bodies, employees and neighbours as an expression of concern and in order to make our factories as little burdensome for the environment as possible.


With our activities, we want to develop and shape the ecological awareness of many groups:

  • Our employees, among others by organizing trainings in the scope of waste separation and compliance with the principles established within the comprehensive system of selective waste collection, generated at individual plants.
  • Our children, by organizing educational - ecological activities in "Yellow Elephant" kindergarten.
  • Our suppliers and co-workers, by preferring to work with those who responsibly fulfill the obligations towards the environment, which is our common good.
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